Faulk shouldn't be forgotten

Updated: January 17, 2008, 3:10 PM ET
By Matt Williamson
The Patriots have traditionally had a lot of players on their roster whose contributions sometimes go unnoticed due to the attention their star players consistently attract. RB Kevin Faulk is a perfect example. He does everything well and is the perfect player for Bill Belichick and the Patriots. He isn't flashy and doesn't even start, but QB Tom Brady and Belichick fully trust him.

Due to the rash of running back injuries New England suffered this season, Faulk got more reps as a running back in the traditional sense. He is a valuable runner on delays and draws, has some shiftiness, reads blocks well and certainly does not shy away from contact in any way. Overall, Faulk performed admirably, but his true value comes in the periphery.