SportsNation on ESPN Radio: Which on-field matchups are key?

Which on-field matchups are key this weekend? Discuss during SportsNation on ESPN Radio (4-6:30 ET). Conversation

Updated: January 17, 2008, 2:32 PM ET

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Which on-field matchups will be vital to victory Sunday? In the AFC Championship, Pats OT Matt Light will be up against Shawn Merriman and Chargers CB Antonio Cromartie will be assigned to Randy Moss. As for the NFC Championship, Eli Manning will have his hands full with two of the best corners in the league in Al Harris and Charles Woodson, while the Packers' offensive line will try to keep Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora at bay. Who do you give the edge to in each of these matchups? Are there any we're missing? Let us know -- we're reading comments on air, so tell us what you think SportsNation! Let us know -- we're reading comments on air. Tell us what you think SportsNation!

Voice your opinion and discuss it all here with your fellow listeners during SportsNation on ESPN Radio! John and Orestes will be following the discussion and the best comments may be read on air.

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