Fantasy hoops All-Star starting lineups

Updated: January 21, 2008, 3:43 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Well, if everyone else is taking a look at the potential NBA All-Star teams, why not in fantasy hoops, too? The thing is, fantasy is much different than the real picks. We don't give extra credit for career achievements, defense or winning; we don't pick someone who's missed half the season; we don't pick someone who is just a really good role player because darn, wouldn't it be great if he got to play in the big game? We care about the stats. We care about the players, too, and appreciate all that's important, but being a great defender or teammate doesn't win here. Stats are how we win, whether they are cumulative stats or the averages. It's not cold and impersonal, really, because numbers win fantasy leagues, not loyalty or anything else. I respect the All-Star voting and its process, but here, let's talk fantasy.

Below are really good fantasy starting lineups for each conference, and no, value isn't a major factor here, because right now I'm just choosing the best of the best. Maybe later I'll choose a midseason value team, and a least valuable team. That should be fun. And really, it's still January; there is time for some of these names to change before the big weekend, especially at small forward for the East. You can check out what the ESPN.com NBA experts think on the NBA page, and I was surprised at how different the fantasy nominees looked. Compare the names! Man, can you imagine having a fantasy team of these starting lineups?

Eastern Conference