Pipe. Park. Powder.

Pipe. Park. Powder. It's not common for pipe riders to move successfully into slopestyle and backcountry riding. The barriers to entry include new techniques and growing a different set of huevos. But these riders won't let that stop them.

Updated: January 26, 2008, 7:53 PM ET
By Brian Kamenetzky | EXPN.com

There's a reason Arnold never appears in Merchant-Ivory films, Keanu doesn't (or shouldn't) do Shakespeare, and Stallone isn't gonna pop up in some sort of seventeenth century powdered wig period drama. Those guys are Terminators, Neos, and Rambo-Rockys.

They are typecasts; one trick ponies. It's served them well, too (just ask their accountants, or the voters of California). But ask their peers to name the best actors on the planet, and those three won't score a tally.

The same ...

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