Little fantasy effect in Super Bowl

Updated: January 30, 2008, 9:35 AM ET
By Eric Karabell
Even before the 2007 season, I wrote that Deion Branch was the most overrated wide receiver in fantasy football. And really, nothing's happened since to change that. We're still waiting for that first 1,000-yard season, or as many as six touchdowns in a campaign. And we'll still be waiting in 2009, now that his left knee has been obliterated. He'll likely be 30 the next time he matters in fantasy.

And how did Mr. Branch earn this distinction of having less value than the statistics showed? Not from anything he did in a regular season game, or season, that's for sure.

I didn't pay much attention to any fantasy repercussions the last time the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the Super Bowl. I was too busy rooting for my favorite team, cursing the play calling, wondering who would clean up the vomit good ol' Chunky Soup pitchman Donovan McNabb left on the field while oh so precious minutes clicked away in the fourth quarter. Bitter? Nah...