Moss, Plaxico, WRs review, top 25

Updated: February 6, 2008, 5:52 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Randy Moss seemingly did it all during the 2007 season. He broke the TD record for wide receivers. He behaved himself, led his team to the Super Bowl, even caught what would have been the winning touchdown pass if not for some late-game heroics by Eli Manning.

He's still not a first-round pick in my 2008 rankings.

What's a guy gotta do, you might ask? Well, we'd have to think he's going to do it all again. Wide receivers don't belong in the opening round of a fantasy football draft for this reason, they can't control their stats or destiny. If you told me Moss would have the exact same season in 2008, OK, that's first-round material, but you can't tell me that will happen. I do think Moss returns to New England, and he and Tom Brady have lots of fun again, but not 23-TD fun. Brady has to drop off from his 50 TDs as well. I'll stick Moss, the top wide receiver in fantasy, into round two, and probably avoid him anyway. I'm seeking running backs. Hey, that's still a lot better than 2007, when Moss was the No. 10 WR off the board in ESPN average live drafts, a fourth-round pick. Ha! Fourth-rounder!