Pettitte still the tiebreaker

Updated: February 7, 2008, 3:53 PM ET
Brian McNamee's lawyers say he presented physical evidence to a federal investigator last month that would corroborate the contention of the former trainer.

I had friends who were turned off when Roger Clemens' side taped the phone conversation between McNamee and the pitcher last month, feeling that it was a setup. And I would suspect they will be turned off, as well, by the idea of a personal trainer perhaps keeping bloody gauze pads locked away for a rainy day.

You can play devil's advocate on all sides of this thing, from the perspective of McNamee or Clemens, and you would presume that Clemens' representatives will counter along these lines:
  1. Yes, of course, that may well be Clemens' blood; he has acknowledged getting shots from McNamee.
  2. It is not surprising that McNamee has syringes with performance-enhancing drugs in it; he has acknowledged distributing them.
  3. If McNamee were being honest, why didn't he give this to federal investigators last summer, when he began cooperating? Presumably they asked him for corroborating evidence then; did he say he didn't have any? Which is McNamee's version of the truth: when he initially told investigators that Clemens didn't use performance-enhancing drugs? Or when McNamee told them that Clemens used but that he had no corroborating evidence? Or now, when he says that Clemens used and that this evidence proves it?