Camby, indispensable fantasy options

Updated: March 11, 2008, 3:27 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
It's a helpless feeling in fantasy sports when a key player -- especially a really key player -- just stops playing, for whatever reason. Dwyane Wade owners certainly aren't pleased today, but the truth is, the reason the Heat shut him down was because the team has a lame 11 wins in mid-March. Does that make it worse in fantasy, that he could have kept performing? Fantasy owners might not pay any attention to the real-life standings, but in this case, they were wholly appropriate to why a guy still playing terrific ball was shut down.

Imagine if the Lakers and Nuggets were going nowhere, we'd be pointing our fingers at the dinged-up digits on Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson. Bryant is playing through the torn ligament in his right pinkie, while we found out Monday that Iverson has a small fracture on the tip of his right ring finger. Don't panic, he's playing through it and should suffer no major decrease in production. Then again, the Nuggets have to remain in the playoff race. In the case of Yao Ming, there was no choice. Broken legs don't get played on in the NBA. Yao isn't Jack Youngblood, the Rams defensive end who once played an NFC title game and Super Bowl with a leg stress fracture.