Bassmasters TV:
Citrus Slam 2008
Presented by Longhorn

Updated: March 24, 2008, 1:50 PM ET
BASS Insider.com
As a special feature for BASS Insider Members, The Bassmasters TV on ESPN2 for the 2008 ELITE SERIES Citrus Slam presented by Longhorn is now available at www.BASSInsider.com. BASS Insider also features a full online archive of each 2008 Bassmaster ELITE SERIES tournament's weigh-in video. If you are out fishing on the weekend, being a BASS Insider is a great way to have exclusive access to these special 2008 Bassmaster ELITE SERIES events at your finger tips, on your own viewing schedule!

 • Bassmasters TV: Citrus Slam

 • Citrus Slam - Day 1 Weigh-in

 • Citrus Slam - Day 2 Weigh-in

 • Citrus Slam - Day 3 Weigh-in

 • Citrus Slam - Day 4 Weigh-in