E-ticket: Cool In Any Language

Originally Published: March 26, 2008
By By Eric Neel | ESPN.com
BEIJING -- Joe Torre has good taste in shoes. I know this because I'm staring at his feet, appreciating, worrying for and, truth be told, coveting a pair of supple, chestnut leather loafers he's wearing. And I'm staring at his feet, at these beautiful shoes, because they are, at this moment, sinking in the mud on a truck path behind Wukesong Stadium.

Torre's surrounded by more than a dozen of his players and coaches at the edge of a soggy construction zone, on the wrong side of a rope, and of two fresh-faced Chinese Security Force officers who won't let the Dodgers party walk down a rutted trail toward the stadium entrance. He's wearing a gray tweed Dolce & Gabbana driving cap, tilted slightly forward, the way he wears a ball cap in the dugout, a colorful striped muffler, a dark gray T, a black leather jacket, olive drab slacks, and these fine shoes. He's 10 feet back of the rope, watching his translator, Vincent Liao, plead the team's case.


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