Adding, dropping in fantasy hoop playoffs

Updated: April 4, 2008, 5:43 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
I've managed to reach the finals in each of my ESPN head-to-head fantasy basketball leagues, and at this point my main goal has been to accumulate games. I rarely pay much attention to the percentages. I'm picking up two or three players per day in each league, trying to get a good start on the week, then pick up the stats I really need for the weekend games. In one league, it seems to be working. In the other, it's not. In neither case are the results entirely under my control. Welcome to the fantasy hoops playoffs, where there's only so much an owner can do!

The fact is my opponents have access to the same information I do about who is available, and they're using the same strategy of signing whomever they can to get the most in the counting categories. But how do we know which one-day free agents are the ones to own? The fact is we don't, and we're also at the uncomfortable mercy of hoping our stars continue to produce the stats we need. When Rafer Alston misses a game now, it's a really big deal, because I don't want to cut him, and he takes up an active roster spot.

Anyway, I checked through my ample transaction logs for the past few weeks, and kept finding the same names showing up over and over again. Not that I planned to do this, but fantasy owners do recognize some names more than others, and we get a comfort level with who is playing well, who we've used before, and who gets that fortuitous matchup against Seattle!