Young worth it for 'Zona, fantasy owners

Updated: April 8, 2008, 3:59 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
We were in Las Vegas a month ago Monday, Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell and myself, up on the stage at the ESPN Zone discussing fantasy baseball. Yeah, it is a pretty cool gig. Anyway, someone in the audience asked about Arizona center fielder Chris Young, and I said I didn't think that 32/27 season was a fluke at all. In fact, I said, with possible misguided pride, I expected him to raise his batting average quite a bit, at least 30 points.

That's when the dissenters came out of the woodwork. Berry disagreed. Members of the audience snickered. Even former third baseman Matt Williams, now an invested partner with the Diamondbacks, said Young wouldn't hit better than .250, though he raved about every other part of his game. OK, so maybe expecting a .270 batting average was a bit too bold.

Of course it is way, way too early in the new season to discern anything about Young from one week, but I still like what I see. He's hit four home runs, stolen a few bases and oh, what's that oft-forgotten statistic over there in the corner, eight walks already? Wow, that's a good sign.