Change the NBA draft process

Updated: April 25, 2008, 3:38 PM ET
The current NBA draft process needs another overhaul. A player can "test the waters" of the NBA draft by declaring by April 28 and still go back to college. There is an annual flood of players that declare, and only a handful are truly prepared to make the jump. They either think they are ready, or they just want to give the process a try. Usually, they are only prepared to dip their toes into the NBA waters, and that is simply not good enough. I think that any player that declares for the NBA draft should also have to renounce their college eligibility.

To me, there are three reasons why an underclassman should declare for the draft: (1) if the player is truly ready to be an impact player on the next level, (2) if the player is in dire financial need, or (3) if the player is a fraud and wants to enter the draft and be selected before he is found out.