Suspending Belichick will bring closure to Spygate

We're all sick of Spygate, but one move remains: The NFL needs to suspend Bill Belichick. TMQ

Updated: May 20, 2008, 2:45 PM ET
By Gregg Easterbrook | Special to Page 2

You're sick of Spygate. I'm sick of Spygate. The NFL's owners are sick of Spygate, because it is making the goose that laid the golden eggs less valuable by the day.

But things are going to drag on until commissioner Roger Goodell or the owners take the steps necessary to bring Spygate to a close. Changing their story week by week doesn't close Spygate. Rationalizations and doublespeak don't close Spygate. Admitting only what you have been compelled to admit doesn't close Spygate. ...

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