Holliday, Hawpe hamstrung in Colorado

Updated: May 28, 2008, 4:29 PM ET
By Stephania Bell
The Angels may be in the outfield in Los Angeles, but they are still missing in the infield (Howie Kendrick, Chone Figgins). Their National League counterparts have lost an outfielder (Andruw Jones) and are holding a place for an infielder -- Rafael Furcal -- but his anticipated return this week turned out to be just a tease. Meanwhile, the Colorado Rockies have had to replace two-thirds of their outfield (Matt Holliday, Brad Hawpe) while losing their second shortstop (Clint Barmes) in a month. The whirlwind that is the injury carousel changes daily so please, read on.

Fausto Carmona, SP, Indians: In what seems to have become a dangerous play for pitchers (see: Gallardo, Yovani; torn ACL), Carmona was injured Friday night while trying to run to cover first base. ESPN reports that an MRI showed a "moderate strain of an exterior muscle" in his left hip (this is not routine medical terminology so it is difficult to decipher the exact nature of the injury other than that it is a muscle strain) and Carmona is expected to miss about four weeks. As a right-handed pitcher, Carmona relies on the left hip musculature to control the rotation of his body weight and his balance from delivery to follow-through. The Indians hope that he will be able to start playing catch within a week and gradually work his way back during the subsequent 2-3 weeks. At just 24 years old without a major injury history, there is no reason at this point to expect anything less than full recovery. The good news for the Indians is that Carmona's spot will be filled by Jake Westbrook, who is returning from a DL stint resulting from a strained intercostal muscle (small muscles between the ribs). Westbrook has been on a successful rehab assignment and, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Westbrook will get the start Wednesday against the White Sox.

Matt Holliday and Brad Hawpe, OF, Rockies: It appears that the hamstring injury bug traveled across leagues in the western division as the ailment that has so plagued the Los Angeles Angels this season has now attacked the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies lost not one, but two outfielders to the DL within the span of a day because of hamstring strains. Hawpe, who experienced cramping in his right hamstring Tuesday, was removed from that game for precautionary reasons, but it was clearly not enough. Hawpe never managed to make it back into a game, despite being available as a pinch hitter, and was ultimately placed on the DL on Saturday. According to the Denver Post, Hawpe believed he could play, but the team was concerned about his ability to make sudden moves in the outfield, always a risk for aggravating hamstring injuries. Besides, there were two other starting outfielders left. For one day that is. Teammate Holliday, in the spirit of adding injury to insult, felt his hamstring tighten up on him as he tried, but failed, to run out a grounder in the ninth inning of Saturday's loss. According to The Denver Post, Holliday had never experienced a hamstring strain before and consequently could not initially gauge the seriousness of the injury. Obviously, the team felt it was serious enough for him to join his outfield mate on the DL. The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Holliday will not travel with the team this week so that he can remain at the Coors Field facility to receive more focused treatment. At least they can rehab together.