Previewing the '08 Finals, by the book

Bill Simmons hasn't eaten a full meal in four days. Jack Nicholson is dropping $35,000 on a single ticket. Yep, it's time for the Sports Guy's preview of the 2008 NBA Finals. Story

Originally Published: June 5, 2008
By Bill Simmons | Page 2

You thought every angle had been covered for this incredible, throwback Lakers-Celtics Finals? Well, here's a new one: For the first time in NBA history, a team (in this case, the Lakers) might win a championship a few years after its coach (Phil Jackson) wrote a first-person book ("The Last Season") about a season (2003-04) in which he repeatedly skewered his former and current best player (in this case, Kobe Bryant).

Everyone forgets "The Last Season" because the once-dysfunctional Lakers ...

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