De La Hoya sweepstakes kick off

Updated: June 12, 2008, 11:08 AM ET
By Dan Rafael
The most immediate fallout from Floyd Mayweather's sudden retirement on Friday involves Oscar De La Hoya. The Golden Boy was supposed to fight him in a Sept. 20 rematch, but now that's out and De La Hoya is scrambling for a new opponent.

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer is working on signing an opponent, despite being laid up with the flu this week. So, while the situation is playing out, let's take a look at the field of fighters in the running in what I believe is the order of likelihood:

• Ricky Hatton: It's by far the biggest money fight of those that are realistic for De La Hoya. It's a cinch hit on HBO PPV, would receive the most mainstream media attention, would do massive money in the United Kingdom and would undoubtedly receive HBO's "24/7" treatment (they both starred in "24/7" series last year before their fights with Mayweather). And just imagine if Golden Boy Promotions decided to stage it in England. Pay-per-views normally don't take place overseas because of the notion that if it's out of the country, it will lose a certain amount of American business. But if the fight was held at a place like Wembley Stadium, the gate would be so enormous that it could potentially make up for whatever shortfall there might be in American PPV business. The fight might draw 100,000 people in England, not to mention huge PPV business in both countries. It's a PPV that would easily exceed 1 million buys in America alone.