Reality on homer-happy Branyan, Thames

Updated: June 20, 2008, 4:50 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
So there's that Russell Branyan guy hitting yet another home run Thursday, and I'm thinking, so what, been there, done that. I mean, isn't that what everyone's thinking? This is typical, vintage Branyan. Branyan has always had power, and whenever he goes to a new place, he shows it off for a bit, then starts striking out a lot and slips back into relative obscurity. That's his thing, in a way.

Of course, couldn't it be possible that Branyan is this season's Jack Cust?

I decided I'd do some research for this one, seeing if Branyan actually does hit a bunch of homers every time he joins a new team, then trails off so we can ignore him again. Even if it wasn't true, I asked five random people in the office what they thought of Branyan, and to a man -- there aren't, um, a whole lotta women in our office, much to Matthew Berry's chagrin -- they all assumed, like I, that Branyan was on another one of his hot streaks and soon he'd cool down, Bill Hall would be happy and life would go back to normal.