Cowboys play it safe with Newman

Updated: July 30, 2008, 3:50 PM ET
By Stephania Bell
I dropped into Dallas Cowboys training camp with the NFL Live crew but didn't expect to be that busy. After all, Terry Glenn, my main person of interest -- in terms of players looking to return from injury -- had recently been waived, so there was not much for me to report. (Of course, there is a new chapter in the Glenn soap opera, since it appears that his former coach Bill Parcells, now with the Miami Dolphins, might be courting him.) However, it wouldn't take long for something to come up.

I had only been at practice a few minutes when I heard conversation about Pro Bowl cornerback Terence Newman, who got tangled up with another player the day before and had "done something" -- the official term being tossed about by various folks in the know -- to his groin. Newman was out of practice on Tuesday while he underwent an MRI to determine the severity of the injury.

I saw Newman trot over to our NFL Live crew to say hello, and as he backstepped away, I heard him say, "It's a groin injury -- a few days, no big deal." As far as I could tell, he didn't appear to be in great pain and he wasn't limping. However, head coach Wade Phillips' post-practice news conference would offer up a lot more on Newman's status. The news from Phillips clearly surprised everyone when he announced, right off the bat, that Newman's MRI revealed a "significant" strain to his left groin, which meant he would miss a minimum of three weeks of practice. A minimum of three weeks. That translates to even more time to be game ready from a conditioning standpoint, and Phillips' concerns seemed to be as much about Newman working and developing at the nickel position as his overall health.