Bassmasters TV:
Champion's Choice 2008
Presented by Ramada Worldwide

Updated: August 19, 2008, 5:50 PM ET
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As a special feature for BASS Insider Members, The Bassmasters TV on ESPN2 for the 2008 ELITE SERIES Champion's Choice 2008 presented by Ramada Worldwide is now available at www.BASSInsider.com. BASS Insider also features a full online archive of each 2008 Bassmaster ELITE SERIES tournament's weigh-in video. If you are out fishing on the weekend, being a BASS Insider is a great way to have exclusive access to these special 2008 Bassmaster ELITE SERIES events at your finger tips, on your own viewing schedule!

 • Bassmasters TV: Champion's Choice

 •  Champion's Choice - Day 1 Weigh-in

 •  Champion's Choice - Day 2 Weigh-in

 •  Champion's Choice - Day 3 Weigh-in

 •  Champion's Choice - Day 4 Weigh-in