Series thoughts from those around the game

Updated: October 30, 2008, 2:47 PM ET
After Eric Hinske swung over that last slider from Brad Lidge, after Lidge and Carlos Ruiz embraced and Ryan Howard tackled them both happily, after Shane Victorino and others jumped onto the pile, while being watched by the Rays -- a team that fashioned the most remarkable, improbable story of the summer -- the first responses to an e-mailed question began dropping in.

The Phillies will be the team that will get the World Series rings for 2008, and the Rays will always have their distinct identity, but Major League Baseball is a broad community, with players and managers and scouts and executives crossing paths with literally hundreds of others in their individual journeys. The question that went out to some folks in the game was this: "You probably know one person or another on one of these two teams, and you probably were rooting for individuals rather than teams during the World Series. Can you write a few lines about who you're happy for now, and why?"

From Milwaukee general manager Doug Melvin: "I'm happy for Charlie Manuel because he was scrutinized and appeared headed to losing his job two years ago, and in a tough city, he fought it off and went head to head with Brett Myers and benched Jimmy Rollins; he did what he thought was the right thing and gained respect to let people know who was in charge without pounding his chest."