Scouting an athletic Princeton pitcher

Updated: April 13, 2009, 5:15 PM ET
By Keith Law

David Hale is a right-handed pitcher at Princeton University who also plays some outfield and has played the infield in the past. His fastball runs from 91 to 94 mph but is flat with just a little tailing life. His 83-84 mph slider is an average pitch right now with a hard break and adequate tilt, although it's not clearly an out pitch and I'd only project it to be above-average (55) in the future. He doesn't use his changeup often but it projects as an average or slightly above-average pitch as well, 77-81 mph with hard tailing action, but it lacks consistency right now, probably from underuse. His arm action is short and simple; he lands a little stiffly but otherwise his delivery is clean.