To build a champion, start with Brady

Originally Published: June 12, 2009
By Matt Williamson | Scouts Inc.
When trying to choose the NFL's Ultimate Building Blocks -- 10 players to draft if attempting to build a Super Bowl team for the next three seasons -- one challenge was deciding which defense to use. If I had ignored this aspect, both DeMarcus Ware and Mario Williams would have made the cut. But Ware isn't perfect for the 4-3, and Williams doesn't fit in an odd front. The 3-4 generally offers more blitzing and deception and is becoming the fashionable scheme in the league. Also, I am from Pittsburgh -- enough said. We are using the 3-4. That leaves Williams on the outside looking in.

Inside linebacker is a position that isn't particularly difficult to find, and although I would have liked to have Patrick Willis on the team, I felt that I could get by with middle-of-the-road talent at the position, especially with a dominant group up front.