Tuesday mailbag

Updated: September 1, 2009, 12:24 PM ET
By Adam Schefter
Let's hop right into the questions ...

Q: Welcome to ESPN. There's been much speculation among Bucs fans that the team's NFL-low payroll is a result of ownership's investment in Man U of the EPL. Do you think that's the case? If so, should the NFL care, and what does it mean for Bucs fans? -- Fink (Connecticut)

Don't think so, Fink. I think we've seen any number of teams this offseason being careful with their finances, including Tampa. The year 2011, when the collective bargaining agreement is set to expire, looms for everyone, and to me, that has affected each team's thinking. Just being smart -- like the rest of the people in this economy.

Q: Haloti Ngata, Canton-bound at this rate? I've seen him play some the last two years, but I just watched him wreak havoc on the Jets on MNF. Preseason game aside, I can't remember watching a defensive tackle as athletic and disruptive as him since Warren Sapp ca. 1999. -- Andrew (New York)

A: A little early to put a bust of him in Canton, Andrew. But ... that guy is good! Watched him this summer, and his strength is unlike many players'. Just incredible. Ngata is blessed with rare skills and could wind up a Hall of Famer if he works hard and stays healthy.

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