Week 2 is QB Perrilloux's big chance

Updated: September 10, 2009, 5:26 PM ET
By Steve Muench
One of the players we're most interested in seeing this week is Jacksonville State QB Ryan Perrilloux, who is coming off a suspension in Week 1 and will be facing his toughest test of the year against Florida State.

We saw Perrilloux against big-name teams during his two years at LSU, but since he was dismissed by the Tigers in the spring of 2008 for off-field issues, Perrilloux has had few chances to prove himself against FBS competition. He missed another chance by getting suspended for the opener against Georgia Tech, so he has to work on turning some heads against the Seminoles if he hopes to move out of the fifth-round area.

Perrilloux has good arm strength and mobility, and he appears to be a good on-field leader. However, he has a bit of a wind-up release, and his accuracy and consistency are concerning. He loses the strike zone a lot, and given the pressure Florida State is likely to apply, we will be watching his footwork and how quickly he gets the ball out of his hand. We know he can make great plays from time to time, but we are looking for consistency from play to play and series to series over the entire game.

Just as importantly, Perrilloux has to know when to take the sack and live to fight another day. Forcing throws into coverage will mean trouble against the Seminoles, who were burned in Week 1 by Miami QB Jacory Harris more as a result of blown coverages than lack of talent. Perrilloux won't put up monster stats, but being more consistent downfield and making better decisions will go a long way toward improving his stock.

The biggest problem for Perrilloux, though, will be overcoming his off-field issues. As we have said in the past, a player must have freakish skills to overcome serious off-field transgressions, and Perrilloux does not quite fit into that category. The difference between him and suspended Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount, who is suspended for the remainder of the season, is that Perrilloux has the chance to change some minds with his play on the field.

Whether Perrilloux can stay out of trouble for the rest of the season remains to be seen, but if he does, he has a chance to move into the middle rounds. One more character issue, though, could send him sliding right out of the draft altogether.

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