Giambi helps keep Rockies relaxed, rolling

Updated: September 12, 2009, 4:28 PM ET
By Buster Olney
Maybe it is Yorvit Torrealba who has earned the honor of wearing Jason Giambi's Golden Thong, after Torrealba's ninth-inning three-run double gave the Rockies their latest comeback victory Friday night. Or maybe it is Jim Tracy, who has managed Colorado to victories in about two-thirds of the Rockies' games since he took over. Or maybe Giambi is just keeping it for himself for now -- well-earned, considering that he has reached base in more than two-thirds of his plate appearances since joining the Rockies.

"Multiple guys have worn it," Colorado general manager Dan O'Dowd said on Friday morning.

The Rockies are running away from the Giants, whose season is quickly slipping away from them, and Colorado is rapidly gaining ground on the Dodgers. That's eight straight wins for Colorado, which is succeeding in spite of a barrage of injuries that took down its No. 2 starting pitcher, closer, center fielder, third baseman and shortstop, all within the span of about a month. Aaron Cook went down with a shoulder problem and the Rockies just kept on winning. Dexter Fowler went down and the Rockies just kept on winning. Huston Street went down and Franklin Morales has been all but perfect while filling in as closer.

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