Chippewas' skill players impressive

Updated: September 15, 2009, 1:22 PM ET
By Steve Muench
Three Central Michigan players stood out to us while watching the Chippewas' 29-27 win over Michigan State in East Lansing: QB Dan LeFevour and WRs Antonio Brown and Bryan Anderson.

LeFevour looked much more comfortable in the pocket last weekend than in Central Michigan's season-opening loss at Arizona. He did miss a couple throws down the middle of the field and was late getting the ball out on a two-point conversion attempt late in the fourth quarter, but on a second-quarter touchdown pass LeFevour showed exactly why we think he can become an effective NFL quarterback and Brown why we think he can line up in the slot at the next level.

Brown lined up in the right slot and Michigan State dropped into a zone look as the Central Michigan H-back motioned left-to-right and released into the flat. LeFevour stared down the flat route and got the cornerback to jump up, creating space for Brown to run to the back corner of the end zone. On his way there Brown did an excellent job of attacking the safety and using an inside head fake, catching the safety flat-footed as he waited for the move, and the throw was perfect.

LeFevour is a high-third round pick at this point and Brown is a middle-round prospect, and teams want to see players in that range execute in just such a fashion. LeFevour and Brown took advantage of a perfect play call and did their job exactly as they should have. Brown is also a quality kick- and punt-return man and even completed a throwback pass to LeFevour, and that versatility is another reason the junior will eventually find his way onto an NFL roster.

As for Anderson, he ran good routes, caught the ball well and used his size (6-foot-4¾, 210 pounds) to his advantage. At one point Anderson ran a comeback route and drove the cornerback so well that he slipped when breaking on the ball and the result was a first-down completion. He also rates as a middle-rounder at this point but could move into the third round with a good senior season.

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