Even with no football, 2011 draft to go on

Updated: September 16, 2009, 3:20 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: Adam, With all the talk about the possible 2011 lockout, I haven't heard anything about the draft of that year. Would there still be a draft in 2011 if there is no labor agreement? I can't see how you skip a draft (and thus double up the next year in talent), but how can you have a draft when you don't know if the rookie wage scales will change -- will nobody sign a contract? -- Darren (Pittsburgh, Penn.)

A: Darren, believe it or not, there would be a draft in 2011, whether or not there is football. It's part of the current collective bargaining agreement, even after its expiration, that there will be a draft in 2011. A league official confirmed that for me and for you and for all the mailbag readers. So even if the games do not go on, the draft will. Thankfully (I LOVE the draft).

Q: Is it way too early to start the Shanahan and Holmgren handicapping pool? I would think there isn't a coach on a .500 team or worse that can't at least acknowledge their presence in the market. -- Aaron (Springfield, Mo.)

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