Week 4 wrap: Hawkeyes love

Updated: September 27, 2009, 1:40 PM ET
By Bruce Feldman

Last week, I had a brain cramp and accidentally kept Iowa out of our weekly bowl projections. I got some heat for it.

Regardless of what would happen Saturday night in Happy Valley, I had planned on making sure I'd put the Hawkeyes in a bowl game -- especially in front of the likes of Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan State and Northwestern. But I'd figured Iowa, despite having beaten Penn State six of the past seven times, didn't have a very good shot of winning, as the Nittany Lions were out for some payback and playing at home.

After all, hadn't the guts of last year's very good Hawkeyes team disappeared, with rusher Shonn Greene leaving early for the NFL and ferocious defensive tackles Mitch King and Matt Kroul as well as standout O-linemen Rob Bruggeman and Seth Olsen also moving on?

Worse still, the guy who everyone figured would fill in for Greene -- Jewel Hampton -- was lost for the season with a knee injury. They Hawkeyes also would be without lineman Bryan Bulaga. How could they possibly overcome all of that against Penn State and the whiteout atmosphere? And when Daryll Clark connected on a deep ball to Chaz Powell for a 79-yard touchdown in the game's first two minutes, I thought the rout was on. I'm pretty sure many Nittany Lions fans felt the same.

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