These guys are the best of the best on the boards

Updated: September 30, 2009, 5:32 PM ET
By Jay Bilas
You hear all the time that rebounding is about who wants the ball the most. While effort and desire is a necessary component, rebounding is about much more than just sweat and struggle. Certainly, one can have all of the tools to be a great rebounder, but not the heart. But more players have the heart and desire but not the tools.

Technique, instincts, the understanding of angles, athleticism, length, hands, lower body strength, footwork, explosion skills and second-jump ability are also necessary components of rebounding. Not every great rebounder has all of those attributes, but every great rebounder has some of them.

In the end, rebounding is about productivity. The best shooters don't always score the most points, but the best rebounders almost always get the most rebounds. Period. And they get them in traffic, against any kind of team they play against. No statistic translates better from one level to another than rebounding. If a player rebounds at a high rate in college, it is a good bet that he will rebound at a high rate in the pros.

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