What to watch for: Favre, Forte, Slaton, Bills

Updated: October 2, 2009, 3:31 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

We're all looking forward to Monday night, when Brett Favre -- who says this isn't about revenge? -- looks for precisely that against his old team. Sure, Brett, we get it. There's a bigger picture, but in this case there is more than one picture. Favre against the Green Bay Packers is the overriding theme of the weekend, and we'll be watching. But I don't get the impression that fantasy owners are going out of their way to bump Favre to starter status unless they own a bye-week quarterback like Kurt Warner or Matt Ryan, or their starter has a tough matchup. Hey, Favre has a tough matchup. The Packers want revenge, too, don't you think? Aaron Rodgers is in for a big week, so the Vikings should focus on that.

Of course, there is also plenty to watch Sunday. A week ago, the big Sunday story was the return of Michael Vick, and ultimately I don't think very much was learned. Nobody's talking Philadelphia Eagles this week because they're all playing golf. Have I mentioned how much I dislike the bye weeks? By the way, I know Week 4 hasn't begun yet, and we've discussed all week how weak the wide receiver position is this week, but I can tell you now the position that suffers from the byes in Week 5 is quarterback, with Rodgers, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler and Drew Brees off. Don't the schedule makers ever think of this?