Mailbag: Back from byes, WR injuries

Updated: October 7, 2009, 5:00 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

This is the first week of players coming off bye weeks, with the Arizona Cardinals wide receivers, DeAngelo Williams and Donovan McNabb among the key fantasy options returning (likely, in McNabb's case) for Week 5. How do you view players coming back, though? Have you forgotten how good some of these players are? I see in general a tendency for a player's stock to drop, almost as if their absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder. Michael Turner has been in single fantasy digits two of his three weeks, but he hasn't been awful. One guy wanted to trade him for Santana Moss. The Southern Steve Smith is getting trumped by someone far more productive of the same name, but the Carolina Panther still has a strong future. I'm seeing his name in many trade rumors. McNabb and Brian Westbrook haven't helped anyone since Week 1, but they will help you. Do you remember these guys the way you did when you drafted them?

Momentum isn't really lost in a bye week, and if it is, that's outweighed by the gain of players getting healthy and stronger. Coaches have longer to prepare, plan and adjust. Bye weeks stink in fantasy, but don't let them affect how you view a player. McNabb is a top-10 quarterback this week, for example. All the Cardinals are going to have fun against the Houston Texans. And Roddy White, whom you might have forgotten as a top-10 wide receiver because he has fewer receiving yards all year than Jermichael Finley had Monday night, is just about ready to explode.