Iowa's road to BCS title; FSU as "Entourage"

Updated: October 30, 2009, 2:31 PM ET
By Bruce Feldman

Let's get started with the regular Friday mailbag:

From Kevin in Iowa City: Quick question regarding the Hawkeyes. Obviously we need to convince the human vote in the Harris and the coaches' polls, as we do have a lot of non-believers. There have been articles written about how the Hawks need to cheer for Penn St. the rest of the way. Doesn't Iowa want Ohio State to beat Penn State on November 7th so it creates a "Big game" situation the following week when Iowa plays Ohio State? I have to believe that if Iowa beat a No. 10 or No. 11 Ohio State team coming off a win, the nation would give us a whole lot more street cred than beating a No. 23 or No. 24 Ohio State team coming off a loss. If the Iowa vs. Ohio State game dictates the Big Ten title, I have a feeling more people will tune in and we will get a better human poll vote because of this fact alone. When it comes down to it, our computer ranking will be fine if we win out, no matter who beats who in the PSU-OSU game. My whole argument here is to create a "Showdown" that will get more national attention and hopefully get the pollsters attention. That is were we need the most help. What do you think?

I think you make a great point. One of the most underestimated factors in the poll is the "observation" element to it, meaning voters tend to put more weight on things they witnessed -- especially those things they have seen firsthand. I have some buddies in the media who want to make sure that they've seen all of the supposed elite teams at least once in the year in a better effort to gauge their worth. I think that notion can be misleading. Teams, whether we're talking about the best or the worst, are still so inconsistent on a weekly basis that people need to scale back their judgments of a given performance if it's a bad win or a blowout win, provided the team still wins. But I get it, it's human nature, and I'm guilty of it at times, too. Digressing here: You watch a touted player get beat once in coverage or for a sack, and now you're convinced that guy is horribly overrated.