Mailbag: The year of the Sharks?

Updated: November 10, 2009, 12:56 PM ET
By E.J. Hradek

After an impressive 5-0 shutout win over the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night, the San Jose Sharks quickly have found their way to the top of the regular-season standings ... again.

My question for the Sharks is simple: Is this the year?

Obviously, they can answer that question in the affirmative only with continued strong play on the ice. As for me (and probably you), I'll have to wait and watch. The Sharks will answer their ultimate question -- for better or worse -- in the spring. For now, though, they seem to be on the right track.

Now, let me ponder a few questions from you. Here is this week's mailbag.

Hey EJ: With all the injuries occurring and with the increasing size of the players, is there a chance that the NHL will force all rinks to go to Olympic size to give the players more room to work and reduce the mid-ice collisions? -- Chris, Palatine, Ill.

Chris, I don't see it. It would be far too expensive for each rink to make the changes necessary to accommodate the larger ice surface. And, that's not to mention the number of high-dollar seats that would have to be removed in the transition. I think there's more of a chance that the league would look at playing full time four-on-four.