Week 10 rankings: Brady, Benson, Boldin

Updated: November 11, 2009, 3:46 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

As soon as you see the matchup it has to get into your head. I mean, Week 9 was relatively boring in terms of great matchups and now we look at Week 10 and it's the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts! From a fantasy football perspective, I find people are more likely to activate players in the bigger matchups, possibly because they know they'll be watching the game, or maybe because they simply ignore the stats. One of the key stats of this week, I believe and thought about in my rankings, is that Tom Brady might not be in for such a great day.

The stats say the Colts are stingy against opposing quarterbacks for fantasy points, fifth-best in the NFL. I say the Colts haven't played anyone like Tom Brady. Our projections have Brady well outside the top 10 at his position, outside the top 15 even, after the likes of Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez. That seems a bit odd to me. You guys, the dear readers, deserve answers, so I took the time to look up these quarterbacks the Colts have played: OK, so I see Kurt Warner and Matt Schaub ... then I see David Garrard, Chad Pennington, Seneca Wallace, Kerry Collins, Marc Bulger and the aforementioned Alex Smith. Are you kidding me? Who wouldn't stop the pass?