Analyzing the early hot-stove deals

Updated: November 11, 2009, 4:40 PM ET
By Keith Law
I'm shocked and disappointed that the Hot Stove League didn't go on hiatus during my vacation, but I can make the adjustment. Here are my quick takes on the main four trades that took place while I was gone:

Mark Teahen


• The Royals made out very well by dealing Mark Teahen to the White Sox for Josh Fields and Chris Getz, a deal I referred to in Rumor Central (during the time when the Royals were vehemently denying they'd made the deal, even though they'd made the deal) as trading two years of a 45/50 for more years of two 45's. That is, the Royals dealt Teahen, a fringe-average starter with just two years of club control left (and expensive ones at that), for two players who, right now, are below-average regulars or solid bench players but who each have five years of control remaining.