Flex ranks: Getting the most out of your flex slot

Updated: November 27, 2009, 7:07 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
[Editor's note: This list was updated after the Thursday games.]

One of the good things about the flex position in fantasy football is that owners can choose from a large pool of both running backs and wide receivers -- and in some cases tight ends -- so why not make the position work for you? For instance, none of your players on those six teams that play on Thanksgiving should be in your flex spot.

I'll explain. Cedric Benson might or might not play this weekend, and it's too early to tell right now which way he's leaning. Say Benson is in one of your running back slots, while Marion Barber is in your flex spot. Barber plays Thursday against the Oakland Raiders -- and he's going to play well! -- and you're not benching him, but if you leave Barber in that flex spot, and Benson in the running back slot, you have fewer options should Benson be deemed unable to dress for Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns. It might be a small thing to some, but it can really matter. Put Benson in your flex spot, and if we find out Sunday morning he can't play, you can use a running back or wide receiver in that spot. Hey, every advantage matters. Use Barber in that spot, and there goes the versatility.