Rankings reaction, with a 'Called Out!' twist

Updated: November 25, 2009, 3:06 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Since our pal Tristan Cockcroft will not be writing up the weekly "Called Out!" column this week -- is there some holiday on Thursday or something? -- I figured I would take this opportunity to basically call myself out when it came to the Week 12 rankings. What are you thinking, Eric?! Well, I often ask myself that very question. So let's do it again with this week's rankings in hand:

How could you not rank Calvin Johnson? You think Dennis Northcutt is better? Of course not. But at least Northcutt is going to be on the field, and playing against a Green Bay Packers defense that should keep Kevin Smith in check, but not the passing game. You know Daunte Culpepper, filling in for Matthew Stafford, isn't going to be shy, by the way. Johnson would be in my No. 10 spot if I thought he was playing. I just don't think he will, and unless you're going to be sitting by a computer or willing to make the last-minute change on your phone with family members watching -- "Sorry, something important happened at work. I'll just be a second." -- then just leave Johnson out.

Your Jason Snelling rank of No. 13 seems a bit low if you think he'll start, doesn't it? Yes, I did think about that. We project Snelling for monster numbers -- a pair of touchdowns and 123 rushing yards -- against the awful Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I could see him hitting those marks. I don't think Michael Turner will be able to suit up. Snelling made two rankers' top-10 among running backs, but at the expense of safer, more proven veterans such as Frank Gore and Ryan Grant, as well as stud Ray Rice. I can't go that far, not with someone who, while very productive against the New York Giants, still averaged a mere three yards per rush. Snelling is a No. 2 fantasy back this week, while Turner would be in the top 10, for sure.