Tough decisions on Forsett, Cutler, Stewart

Updated: December 4, 2009, 2:24 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Look, I want to tell you that the most added player in fantasy football this week is going to be very, very good on Sunday, but among the many differences between myself and Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora is this: I can only control whether I activate Justin Forsett on my fantasy football team. Mora controls whether he uses Forsett on his real team.

So it is that Mora, like many coaches who make decisions that the fans, media and everyone else don't understand, kind of controls the value of Forsett. Mora keeps saying if retread Julius Jones is healthy -- my word describing Jones, not his -- then Julius Jones is the starting running back. We in the fantasy world are well aware Forsett has 59 fantasy points the past three games, while Jones has all of 31 fantasy points since Week 3, but I don't think Mora cares. Maybe this is a loyalty thing. Or he has Jones on his fantasy team. Hard to tell.

I think the decision in fantasy on whether to activate Forsett is one of the tougher ones around, because he could destroy the San Francisco 49ers for 25 fantasy points this week, or he could end up like Ryan Moats or Jason Snelling in Week 12, completely or relatively ignored. Could go either way, really. There are other running backs that carry risk with them as well, but I don't see anyone at this level for this week. It's pretty clear the Atlanta Falcons will use Jerious Norwood in some meaningful way, so if Michael Turner sits, it's no lock Snelling runs wild. I think Cedric Benson comes back, but whether Larry Johnson gets 20 carries or three, how many people are counting on him? No player has been added in more ESPN leagues than Forsett over the past week, so I'd think this one really does matter. By the way, take a look at the most dropped list, and the top two names are Snelling and Moats. Coincidence? I think not. Hopefully Forsett doesn't join them in a week.