Ryan and Ryan: On to Alabama vs. Texas

Updated: December 6, 2009, 6:42 PM ET
By Ryan McGee and Ryan Hockensmith

Important editorial note: This is NOT written by Bruce Feldman; he'll be undergoing back surgery early this week, so in his stead ESPN The Magazine senior writer Ryan McGee -- who has written often on college football, including this piece -- and ESPN The Magazine editor Ryan Hockensmith, who helps oversee the college football department, are offering their thoughts on Dec. 5 in college football. Enjoy, and feel free to leave well-wishes for Bruce in the comments section as well.

Ryan McGee's take on Saturday, Dec. 5

We'll start with this, and I'm pretty sure Feldman is with us on this one. For the life of me, I don't understand how someone could watch Saturday's slate of games and then do the same thing Sunday and still come away thinking that pro football is the superior product. On Thursday night alone, leaving Oregon State-Oregon for Jets-Bills was like getting out of a car with Jimmie Johnson at the wheel and jumping into one driven by my granddad.

OK, on to the bloggishness:

SEC championship

Over the years, the Florida Gators have given us all sorts of looks, from the Fun 'n' Gun to the spread option to whatever it was Ron Zook ran. But on Saturday evening they gave us a look we'd never seen from the blue and orange.

They looked shell-shocked. And it started early. It was the look of a team that didn't know what it was like to be seriously challenged. In their defense -- and especially on defense -- they didn't.