What we learned: Schaub, Vick, Benson ...

Updated: December 7, 2009, 4:13 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
In recent years, the words "Matt Schaub" and "injury" went together a bit too often for some fantasy owners' taste, as he missed 10 games the previous two seasons. But he hasn't missed a game this season, and I actually think we should give the guy a hand for his grittiness in Week 13.

Schaub was dumped by the Jaguars' Derrick Harvey on the very first play of Sunday's eventual loss in Jacksonville, suffering a separated left (non-throwing) shoulder. Schaub's owners must have been thinking, "Oh no, here we go again." I know I was. In trotted Rex Grossman to throw an interception, and I immediately regretted my Streak for the Cash pick of the Texans! But I also own Schaub in multiple fantasy leagues, trusting a player I feel -- and I wrote as much way back in August -- shouldn't be considered brittle or injury-prone. Peyton Manning he is not, but Schaub looked just about as productive -- and healthy -- as the Indianapolis Colts quarterback through 12 weeks.

I thought Schaub was done for the day, and little in his past could be used as proof he'd return to the game. But he did come back, and he finished with a respectable 10-point fantasy day. OK, so you expected more points than that against the Jaguars. I did, too. Be happy it wasn't a zero, though. You can still call Schaub brittle if you want, but I call what happened Sunday a fluke injury that could have happened to even the great and revered Manning, one mitigated by his return to the game. I guess I learned something about Schaub. He's not only better than people thought, but he's also tougher, and to be honest, I'm more likely to rely on him now.