Asking the bloggers about Brady, Jackson, Jones

Updated: December 8, 2009, 3:24 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
If you're any fan of football, not just the fantasy variety, you should be checking out the terrific division-by-division NFL blog network on ESPN.com. There's a writer for each division, and reading their work gives fantasy footballers a step up when identifying trends and inside information. I'm a football fan first, and I enjoy good writing, so I've been reading these fellows all along.

I was recently asked to start dipping into some of the knowledge my fellow bloggers when it comes to the teams they cover, in an effort to supply fantasy footballers with the top knowledge, so here goes. I e-mailed a few of the writers Monday to get their thoughts, and figured I'd add mine as well.

• Let's start with Tim Graham, who covers the AFC East. I've known Tim for more than a decade, as we go back to the days we each covered boxing, so we'll skip the catching up and get right to the Tom Brady situation. Tim has written this week about the fall of the New England Patriots dynasty, but I'm curious about Brady, who it's been reported was dealing with a finger injury in Week 13. Any reason to worry? Graham says no.