Yzerman zeroing in on final roster

Updated: December 11, 2009, 10:43 AM ET
By E.J. Hradek

These days, Detroit Red Wings legend-turned-executive Steve Yzerman is a pretty busy guy. Inducted into the Hall of Fame on Nov. 9, Yzerman has been on a two-month tour of NHL cities in his role as general manager of the 2010 Canadian Olympic team. A three-time Cup winner as a player, the longtime Detroit captain also continues his duties as a VP/Alternate Governor for the Wings.

Yzerman and his management team (which includes veteran hockey execs Ken Holland, Doug Armstrong and Kevin Lowe) are making their final player evaluations in preparation for the Dec. 30 Team Canada Olympic roster announcement.

Normally, in this Friday space, we limit our questions or thoughts to five. In this case, however, I felt I could make an exception. I figured you might want to hear a little more from Stevie Y. He took the time to answer 10 questions, plus 1, for Insider.

Hradek: How close are you to finalizing the Olympic roster?

Yzerman: The list of players that we're focusing on is gradually getting shorter. We're more confident in what the lineup, what the roster is starting to look like. So, we're progressing and we'll be prepared on Dec. 30 to announce 23 names.

Hradek: In your role as Team Canada GM, what has been the biggest surprise?

Yzerman: I don't know if there has been anything that's been a big surprise for me. We've been watching a lot of hockey and we keep watching the players. It's been difficult to narrow it down. There are a lot of good players -- guys playing very well. To eventually get to the final 23, we're choosing between some very good players. But, I don't think I've been dramatically surprised by anything.