Five of the attributes that make Wall special

Updated: December 16, 2009, 2:41 PM ET
By Jay Williams
Fans of college basketball have gotten a chance to see some pretty spectacular performances by some pretty special players over the past few years. Michael Beasley and Kevin Durant come to mind. As does Derrick Rose, who was physically and athletically in a different category. He was that rare freshman who was able to lead his team to a national championship game. Rose was the most exciting point guard on the collegiate level that I had seen in a long time … until now. Until John Wall came along.

Is the term "rookie" or "freshman" really applicable when trying to explain Wall? The Kentucky star might be a freshman academically, but there is no way he is one on the basketball court. If he sustains this elite level of play, he could be legitimately considered one of the best freshman point guards ever.

What makes him so special? Here are the five key attributes: