Watching for Cowboys, Patriots and new RBs

Updated: December 18, 2009, 3:42 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Now that one team has managed to remain undefeated for another week, how about the other? Man, with Christmas a week away, who would've thought we'd have two teams with nary a loss on their ledger this late in the season? It's never happened before. A year ago, the only goose egg in the standings was the one in the win column for the Detroit Lions. I think the New Orleans Saints are in for a tough game Saturday -- remember to get lineups in! -- and like the last Thursday night game of the season, this is good for fantasy football owners.

Honestly, this topic of "who will sit out" is a bore, and I was happy to see -- and not one bit surprised -- that Peyton Manning and the other Indianapolis Colts troops played the entire night against the Jacksonville Jaguars. That ended up being a tremendous game, with a rare five players reaching 18 or more fantasy points. Manning and Maurice Jones-Drew produced 26 points in standard formats, Dallas Clark topped 20 points for the second consecutive week, Reggie Wayne broke out of a month-long slumber with 19 points, and even David Garrard was effective, for those who were kind of desperate. Fantasy owners are really off to a great start for this week, much better than that Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers game the Thursday before; as competitive and surprising as that game was, one total touchdown doesn't appeal to fantasy owners.

I think the Dallas Cowboys are going to give the Saints the same type of trouble, even on the road, and might even win this thing. Honestly, from a fantasy football standpoint, it wouldn't be such a bad thing if the Cowboys won. It would help ensure your favorite Saints will keep on playing … ugh, how I hate this. Just play everyone, every week! Please! Here's to hoping all your Colts, Saints, Vikings and whomever play when you need them.