Favre, Brady and the awful Chiefs run defense

Updated: December 21, 2009, 1:06 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

Brett Favre, Tom Brady and Keith Null each finished with the same number of fantasy points Sunday. Same with Thomas Jones, Cedric Benson and Brad Hoover. Most fantasy owners care about two of those players in each case, but if you're looking for why fantasy football can absolutely break your heart, look no further than these sets of players. None of them had a big game; each got six fantasy points. Jerome Harrison did that … plus 41. You could have started Null and Hoover at quarterback and running back and yes, been no worse off than a Brady/Jones combination. How sad.

It's around this time every fantasy football season that I feign surprise when stuff like this happens, when fantasy owners cruising into the playoffs with a cool 12-2 record get rudely tossed from the playoffs by 7-7 teams that made it in on some crazy tiebreakers. Happens all the time. Making the playoffs is wonderful, a joy for all, but it earns you nothing in the big picture. In two of my leagues, I saw a dominant, top-seeded team fail to score even 50 points. One of those teams, owned by my cousin and laden with Chris Johnson, Ryan Grant, Roddy White and enough pieces to have won nine in a row, scored 40 points. It lost.