Jimmie's love in Key West, top races and Santa

Updated: December 23, 2009, 10:29 AM ET
By Ryan McGee

Some prefer to spend their holidays at the mall, others standing in line to see Santa Claus. Me? I prefer a little grease and a pair of earplugs with my eggnog.

In other words, Mr. Claus, if you're looking for me this weekend I'll be the guy sitting down by the catchfence waiting on the first green flag of the season -- yes, i'lll be in the Chicken Bone Section, where anything and everything goes; though perhaps this time of year, it's actually the Turkey Bone Section.

Grab a bucket of bird, a can of whatever, some goggles and let's go. But first, let's get this deal started right, with some Christmas lights.

Ya Know What, Verne? Ernest Was Right

Below the pay wall fold on this article? Ryan McGee's top five races of the decade -- with YouTube linkage; in one case, this includes rare video from a dashboard camera. Amazing. You need to follow this thread -- but to do so, you must be an ESPN Insider.