Rankings decisions: Brady, Benson, Megatron

Updated: December 23, 2009, 5:17 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Deciding whom to trust in fantasy football in muddled running back situations is almost always a difficult task, and as we saw in Week 15, nothing is for sure even if you think you know who the primary running back is. Well, deciding how to analyze these problematic running back situations the following week is even more challenging. I doubt there's anyone who thinks Jerome Harrison can run for another 286 yards, but he does have to be the guy for the Browns, right? And whatever happens in Houston, Atlanta, Carolina and a number of other places where health and/or coaching choices are key can have important fantasy ramifications.

Normally I play the role of Mr. Conservative and try to avoid situations that can really burn fantasy owners, but I have to admit, I went all-in when it came to a few running backs in my Week 16 rankings, surprising myself along the way. This week is the championship round in many leagues, and Harrison, Beanie Wells, Rashard Mendenhall, Fred Jackson, Laurence Maroney and Jason Snelling all are among those I've ranked as RB2 choices. Stunning indeed.

Last week I adjusted the normal "rankings decisions" format to discuss players coming off particularly uninspiring performances from the previous week, noting where I had ranked them moving forward. Let's stick with that in looking ahead to Week 16: