Mets centered on a new problem

Updated: January 14, 2010, 10:51 AM ET
By Buster Olney
If you are Jeff Wilpon today and you are planning for the 2010 season, it really doesn't matter whether Carlos Beltran violated his contract by having knee surgery Wednesday. There may or may not be a grievance filed, and the Mets may or may not win that. That's a fight for Scott Boras and the Mets' lawyers.

If you are Wilpon, and effectively running the Mets' baseball operations, your focus is on winning and losing games, and there is no silver lining to the news that Beltran just had surgery; there is no glass-half-full angle. The team's highest-paid position player, with two seasons remaining on his contract, has a regressive problem with a weight-bearing joint, and the earliest -- the earliest -- he will return to action appears to be sometime in May, after he turns 33. That's the prognosis, anyway; the prognosis a month ago was that he would be back for spring training.