Divisional round notes

Updated: January 18, 2010, 12:31 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

Conspiracy theorists, take note. The contract for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb includes a roster bonus payment of $6.2 million, according to NFL Players Association documents. But the amount isn't as significant, so much as the day that its due. Its due to be paid by May 5, 2010 -- after the NFL draft (think 5/5/10 was a cosmic accident). It was not done intentionally, but it will have lasting effects. The timing of the roster bonus ensures that any and all trade speculation surrounding McNabb will go right up to the NFL draft, if he isn't traded before then. So let the speculation begin about potential landing spots for McNabb. If Brett Favre retired, the most logical would be Minnesota, where McNabb's former quarterback coach at Syracuse, Kevin Rogers, also happens to be the Vikings quarterbacks coach. Also, if Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier lands the Buffalo head coaching job, he would be expected to make a play for McNabb, though the quarterback would have to give his blessing to any trade, being that he has only year left on his contract and it's uncertain how he would feel about playing there. Still, Buffalo is not far from Syracuse and if Frazier were to get the Bills job, perhaps he could convince McNabb to join him. Carolina also needs a quarterback. Nobody can say where it is that McNabb will land, or even if the Eagles will trade him, but the timing of his roster bonus means that the issue will be debated from now through the draft.